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Hi, I’m Alex 👋

I’m a software developer from Portugal, living in the beautiful and charming city of Leiria. Personally my interests revolve around music, photography and computer graphics.
In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I’m also a camping lover, love to go hiking and visit new places.

What I’m passionate about

I love working with modern technologies, building and designing awesome projects. I prefer minimalistic and clean designs with a strong user experience. I’m focused in achieving a better problem-solving method for challenging tasks.
I develop both client and server side software, specialized in backend/infrastructure and cross-platform development, my interest areas are data science, blockchain networks, distributed computing and artificial intelligence systems.
Trying to achieve a balance between automation, tooling, good design patterns and performance.


I work at … .

You can see my projects overview for more technical details.


If I’m not coding I like to spend my time with … .

This is my personal website made with and . Respectfully inspired on LekoArts code.


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